This Thursday, 15 August, is the feast of the Assumption of our Lady. It is a Holy Day of Obligation which means Catholics are obligated to attend Mass on that day.

As on every Holy Day of Obligation, we will have three Masses during the day:

  • 7:00 am (St Teresa’s)
  • 9:15 am (St Teresa’s)
  • 7:30 pm (Ss John Fisher and Thomas More).

From Universalis:

The commemoration of the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Dormition, or falling asleep, as it was known in the East) is known as the Assumption because of the tradition that her body did not decay but that she was raised up, body and soul, into heaven. This tradition was already present in the sixth century; by the beginning of the twentieth century it was widespread; and after consulting the views of bishops all over the world, the Pope formally and infallibly declared the doctrine of the Assumption to be part of the authentic and ancient doctrine of the universal Church.

Photo @LawrenceOP