Slowly creeping back into the life of the parish

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

Since the 27 September and my very sudden departure from the parishes I have been trying to come to terms with the serious deterioration in my health.

I understood from the symptoms that there has been a recurrence of the pancreatitis that I had suffered some years before, but now was confirmed as acute necrotising pancreatitis but I was unaware that this had led to my liver blood tests becoming deranged and the development of billary sepsis. While I was septic, I went into arterial fibrillation. On discharge I had returned to sinus rhythm.

On admission I was treated for pneumonia. I then suffered from an episode of gout which took me off my feet. I must admit that I have been poring over the dictionary but am, very slowly, beginning to feel somewhat better. Please excuse me for not rushing back into the fray but I am just not able. My huge thanks go to Fr Antonio and Sue Partington my secretary for stepping in and taking all the weight.

In the hospital I was so grateful to the nurses and doctors and all the staff for the personal and dedicated care I received. Not being allowed visitors was a big blow to me and my fellow patients. It led to many of the elderly being very distressed . This in turn led to some of the wards being unhappy places. Some of the parishioners sent cards and letters and some of the online parishioners also communicated this way and I found it very comforting and I found myself rereading the cards and letters for consolation. So, if a member of your family or one of your friends is in hospital send them a letter, a card and something just to let them know that they are remembered and missed. Thanks you for all your love and attention, you are remembered in my prayers. God Bless.