Please help us raise £40,000 for Nene Okoro’s cancer treatment

Nene Okoro is a larger than life character, single parent of three young teenagers. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2013 when she was preparing her second son through the 11 plus and looking forward to her 40th birthday the following year. Nene took this in her usual stride and positive thinking. She went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy successfully and went into remission.

On 18 of April 2019 a routine check revealed that cancer had returned and that she had metastases into her bones. Nene received NHS treatment from June 2019 and has tried to remain positive despite continuous set backs. She has travelled to places with friends whilst living every moment as her last. She has smiled in the face of adversity and shed silent tears when celebrating milestones in her children’s development. She has walked the streets for miles in prayer walks (there is hope).

The NHS can do nothing for Nene now. Her only hope is a private hospital that can offer her access to the most effective integrative cancer treatment. But this she needs £40,000 to receive this treatment. If you can help, you can make donations via her GoFundMe page.