This summer give your kids a week-long, overnight camping experience they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives…. Send them camping for a week with Camp Unity!5 minutes from the centre of Borehamwood, Well End Scout Campsite and Activity Centre is a havenof greenery with its own little forest, wild rabbits, birds, space for crackly bonfires and also plenty of activities to keep your young campers busy.
Your children can have a fun, safe, educational and very local camping experience run by practiced and qualified leaders. They will pick up camping and outdoor skills and will be offered the chance to take an active part in the practicalities of camping.
What makes Camp Unity special?
Today’s news outlets are often full of stories of division and strife between different religions and different groups of people. We say: There is much more to unite us than there is to divide us. To prove it, a number of different religious communities across Borehamwood are joining forces so that our kids can camp out and have fun TOGETHER!
Our Mission Statement:
CAMP UNITY is a Borehamwood based organisation that provides children and their families with opportunities to meet other cultures and foster friendships, leading to greater community cohesion and the celebration of diversity.

Come join us and let’s build a stronger, more unified world, one bonfire-roasted Vegan/Halal/Kosher marshmallow at a time 
Children may camp with us without parental supervision if they are 6 years of age or over.