The Borehamwood Foodbank has risen to the challenge of our current coronavirus crisis. We are proud that we have remained open for the whole period, serving those who have needed us, and reaching out to all members of our community who are struggling in this difficult time. We have achieved this by having a strong, and viable organisation, and a clear foundation on which to build. We had already identified that we need more trustees, and moving forwards this seems even more important that we have more people to help guide our activities, make decisions about our future and put energy into our structure. Trustees are responsible for the governance of Borehamwood Foodbank – ensuring that we keep to our legal requirements, keep accountable and keep to our task, and manage our resources efficiently. You can find out munch more about the responsibilities of trustees on the GOV.UK website.

Our general requirements are:

  • to comply with the Charity Commission list of requirements,
  • to live as locally as possible, to have a heart for Borehamwood, it’s people and a non-judgemental attitude towards those in need.
  • to have an interest in the mission of Borehamwood Foodbank, and acquire an knowledge of its working practices,
  • to be able to attend evening appointments approximately every 6 weeks as well a socials and public events.
  • to be a team player, but also be able to take on projects or areas of responsibility alone.

We are particularly looking for trustees with:

  • skills of administration and policy review
  • HR background
  • fundraising experience and skills
  • PR, social media and communication skills

We will offer training opportunities when available, but would start by chatting to you, explaining the role in more detail and arranging introductory visits. If you are interested, please contact Kim Grey on 0203 583 1109 or email