Settled and Pre-settled status for EU citizens

Last week I spoke at all the Masses about the need for many of the EU citizens in this country, and of course, in our parish to apply for legal Settled or pre Settled status. This has a cost to it which may be difficult for some. It also has a risk to it if documentation which is required is not available.

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales were very clear in their opposition to the charging to stay in the country many have made their home for many years. At the moment we are coming to the end of Advent and quickly approaching Christmas when we celebrate God breaking into our world as a helpless infant. In Luke’s Gospel we have his Mary and Joseph unable to find a place to have the baby, we have them having to flee as refugees to Egypt, a time of great uncertainty for them. This is mirrored in our parishes today for our EU citizens.

I feel that we need to be proactive and I would like to set up a working group who can study all the documents and resources available so that we can have a meeting with parishioners in the New Year to offer information and hopefully clarity on this complex situation. If you have some Legal training, some Advisory expertise, or some governmental experience please get in touch with me and we can make a start with a working party.