Fr Antonio Pineda
Assistant Parish Priest

Jesus tells us that when we ask we shall receive. When he taught us the Lord’s Prayer, He told us to ask our heavenly Father for our daily bread, confident that He will hear us. In this Sunday’s Gospel, Bartimaeus the blind man had persistence when he asked Jesus for what he desired. He did not stop when some scolded him and instead continued to call to Jesus to make him see again. The man had confidence and faith in Jesus. He believed that the world of darkness he was in was not forever and that he only had to believe to receive light. And it was his faith that saved the blind man. His faith restored his sight and he could see clearly again.

Our own spiritual journey is like the restoration of Bartimaeus’ sight. Often we find ourselves in darkness, desolation and distress, but we must remember that Christ’s light never dims. We need only to desire it and ask for it.

This weekend, as we gather together as a community for the Parish Sunday Lunch, let us ask the Lord for the needs of those who are suffering and in difficulties. Let us also continue to pray for Fr Dominic: let us thank the Lord for the success of his operation and pray that he makes full and quick recovery.