Easter Is Not Cancelled

Fr Antonio Pineda
Assistant Parish Priest

I’m sure I speak with accuracy when I say that it’s been the strangest and most challenging Lenten season ever. Every year during Lent, we are expected to make small sacrifices and perform some penitential deeds as a way of preparing ourselves spiritually for the Resurrection which arrives this weekend. But this year we have had to give up so much more than sweets, TV programmes or our favourite activities. We have had to give up much of our freedom: the freedom to go out when and where we want, the freedom to be with our friends and loved ones, and even the freedom to show our affection for each other by such gestures as hugging, kissing, etc. It was all about – and continues to be about – social distancing, quarantine and self-isolation.

As Catholics, we were hit particularly hard because in addition to sacrificing our freedom, we have had to give up our most treasured gifts: the Sacraments. We could no longer go to church to attend Mass or go to Confession. Some of you had to cancel your child’s baptism while we were also forced to postpone all the First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies, affecting more than 100 of our children. Yes, indeed. We have had to give up so many things during what can be called the season of cancellations.

But we guess what? We do not have to give up celebrating Easter. We can and should let the world know that the rising of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead is not cancelled. We can still celebrate His glorious Resurrection. We do this by continuing to work together to beat the coronavirus and by counting the many blessings we still have. Most of all, we celebrate the greatest Christian event by observing the greatest commandments of all: to love God and one another as we love ourselves. But remember, you cannot love others unless you love yourself first – so please do look after yourself. Thank you for all prayers and please be assured of ours. The Parish Team wish you all a joyous and blessed Easter.