We do not know the day or the time when we will be called to God. Are we ready?

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

At the back of the church there are some leaflets about preparing for our funerals. One goes into a lot of detail about the type of Service that you might consider. It goes into some detail about Readings, Music and Hymns. It considers if you want your service to be a Mass or a Liturgy of the Word. In what church you wish the funeral to take place? There is a leaflet about the Catholic Church and Cremation. The Church allows Cremation and there are Rites both for the Crematorium and for the Interment of Ashes. Scattering of ashes far and wide is frowned upon as we believe in the Resurrection of the Body. (See the Funerals page to download the documents mentioned.)

As we don’t know when we will die it is important to have some preparation. Have you made a will? Or will your family be leſt trying to sort out all your money and possessions, running up bills with solicitors? Do they know your favourite hymns, or music? Are there readings you are fond of? Will there be enough money for your funeral or will your children or grandchildren, or other relative be expected to find the cost of your funeral? Are you planning to buy a Funeral Plan beforehand?

I know that this piece is uncomfortable to read but there are many ways that we can show our love for our families. As people who believe in the Resurrection and that we have a homeland in Heaven, we really cannot have a mortal fear of death. Take the leaflets at the back of the church and go through them and then discuss with your family so that they know your wishes are and where your important documents are kept. Be prepared, show your love!