As November approaches and as I pick up the November Dead List to fill in I go into a very reflective mood as I begin to remember in a fresh way all those family and friends who have gone before me. I find myself going to the photo albums, ringing family members and recalling weddings, family gatherings and holidays. Even though I do get sad I also enjoy the memories. I am sorry that I cannot be at the Blessing of Graves on 4th November but Fr. Antonio and Canon Shaun Lennard will be there. Though the occasion can be difficult it find it very life-giving to see so many people showing their love for their departed family and friends. Please do tell anyone who you know who is bereaved and has a relative buried in Allum Lane Cemetery and invite them to the service and blessing.

Samaritan’s Purse and Shoe boxes: I was really thrilled to find so many people willing to take these boxes and I am really glad that we have more to give out this weekend. Do look up some of the videos on their Website, the impact of that box is immense on so many of the children. For some it will be the first gifts that they have ever had. Do please follow the instructions on the leaflet, please do not put in second hand items and do put in the £5 for administration. We need the full boxes back by the 11th November.

Presents for Prisoner’s Children: Soon, we will be given a list of children who have a parent in prison and we will have the child’s name and age and a clue to what they have asked for as a Christmas present. The present comes with a letter from the parent in prison and the child believes it is from them. Many times this will be the first time that the child has received a gift from them. I know you will be generous.

Bruges Trip 1st December: I have booked my seat for this trip and hope that it will be my re-entry into the parish after the operation. Do remember me in your prayers. I know it is a routine operation but all help is appreciated. I promise not to apply to go onto Strictly Come Dancing straight away.