“We are loved in our sins”

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

This theme runs through all the readings today. It is a very comforting and important one, it is really the heart of the Gospel message. The fact that we are loved in our brokenness is fundamental to the whole message of Christianity.

In the First Reading, the ungrateful, grumbling people are harassing Moses but God does not write them off but actually provides life giving water to them to rescue and save them. Paul in the Second reading says, “What proves that God loves us is that Jesus Christ died for us while we were still sinners.”

In the Gospel, we find a very gentle Jesus approaching the woman. He did not force himself into her life, in fact, he began from a position of weakness. He was the beggar asking for a cup of water. In this way he disposed her to receive the gift he wanted to give to her. His heart was already open to her, and she opened her heart to him. A wonderful dialogue ensued and a marvellous exchange took place. Even though he knew her history he did not make her feel bad. She did not feel judged, rather, she felt accepted and understood. He was able to see into her secret being, into that part that looked for true love, which was pure and innocent, thirsting to be seen as a person not an object. A wounded, hurt person whom Christ meets where she is and moves her on.

Christ meets us where we are, he says to us ‘if only you knew the gift God wants to give you!’ Our problem is that we find it hard to admit our sinfulness, our brokenness and therefore miss that personal encounter with Jesus Christ. With honesty and humility come to Jesus Christ.

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