Family night out

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

A night out for families with young children? Interested? Read on.

Many of the events that take place in the Parish Centre are very adult orientated and I am aware that many of you with young children are unable to attend. This can be because of child care provision, the fact of the lateness of the event and, more importantly, you want to be able to have your children with you.

A while ago we had a Race Night and though it sounded adult it was a great night for the children who attended. I realised that, apart from the Pasta and Pancake event we have not really timetabled in some family nights. Having spoken to some families I have put into our Parish Centre diary a Family Night with games, good food, child friendly, and appropriate music. This will be on Friday 28th June. I have scheduled it for 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

I know for young children this may be late but working parents need to get home from work and there is no school the next day. I promise that the food available will be also adult friendly. Soft drinks, and prizes will be on offer but I would ask the adults to provide their own alcoholic drinks. Child price £1. Adult £2. Family, whatever size £5.

This is to help us to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. Think about it ! Talk about it! Put it in your diary and let us have some great fun.

The Queen and I

On Tuesday 21st May I will be attending a Garden Party in Buckingham Palace as part of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of my Priesthood. A group of priests from Westminster Diocese who are celebrating Ordination Jubilees have been invited. Thankfully my black suit and roman collar is all I need. I am looking forward to it but secretly wonder what my father (rabid republican) would have made of it.