Time for Remembrance – Sunday, 30 June at 3:00 pm, St Teresa’s Church

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

This, for me, is not only a very special but also a very important service. This is our seventh year to hold the service and it marks for many parents who have lost a child a chance to hold their lost child or children up to the embrace of God. In this Service we remember all those children who died in pregnancy, in childbirth, in infancy, in childhood or in adulthood.

The loss of a child is such a devastating occurrence with many families reeling with incomprehension, anguish and pain, in search of answers. We need to acknowledge this hurt and come together as a family to show support, love, and compassion to those who have had to suffer this loss. Be with us and our sisters and brothers who need this time to grieve, to cry, and to pray. But especially to remember the child they once had no matter for how short or long a time.

There will be time after the Service to meet and chat and have some refreshments in the Parish Centre. If you cannot come please do pray and remember those in grief. If you know of anybody who has lost a child in any circumstances please tell them about this Service and encourage them to come. It is an All Faiths service and everybody is welcome.

“A lot of people try to fix you, they want to take your pain but they can’t. Yes, they can hold your hand, but you have to go through it.” “Hope is a huge thing. When somebody who’s been through it tells you ‘It’s rubbish, it’s painful, but you are going to get through it’, they give you that little bit of hope.” “You need courage to take the steps to move forward and go through grief. You think you are leaving your loved one behind and you’ll never see them if you leave but really they are bringing them with you in your heart, and your memories. Wherever you go they are going to be there waiting for you.”

Benji Bennett, who lost his son Adam when he was four years old.