If you are reading this on the first Sunday of Lent then you are in the fifth day of observing the Lenten Season. Did you make a resolution to fast from something?, take something on?. Did you decide to set aside a little extra time for prayer, be it a formal prayer or quiet time with the Lord? Have you chosen a charity or a cause that you want to support with tangible things?
How is it going? Have your resolutions faded already? Have you fallen or stumbled at the beginning of the Season? No problem, start again renew your resolutions and taking a deep breath forge ahead. Or, did you decide not to burden yourself with any special changes for this penitential season? If so, why not change your mind and look at ways to Fast, Pray and Give during this Lent.
I would like to give you a suggestion that may be helpful. Why not make a special effort to help the Borehamwood Foodbank based at St. Teresa’s Church. At this moment there is a real stock shortage and there are more people having to access the Foodbank for food, for fuel vouchers, for winter clothes etc. We are short of many of the basics, tinned food etc.
To make it a comprehensive Lenten exercise, set aside about ten to fifteen minutes of private prayer and put yourself into the shoes of a parent with a couple of children and no money, no access to money and there is no food or heating in your home. Try to imagine what that must feel like for a parent, and then pray, asking the Lord to give this parent the strength to come and ask for help. Pray that they get the strength to care for their children and themselves. Make a decision that you are going to fast from some luxury or something else in your life and use that money to buy food for those accessing the Foodbank.
In this way your Almsgiving has led you to Pray more and altruistically, and has led you to Fast through sacrificing something to give more generously. Please enhance our world by living a fruitful Lenten Season.