Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

We are now in the process of installing Live Streaming in SS John Fisher and Thomas More in Rossington Avenue. Since last March we have not had any Masses there as they could not be broadcast. As I still have oversight of St. Joseph’s in Carpenders Park and Fr. John Warnaby is now resident in the presbytery there, I will be on my own for all the services in Borehamwood. I have asked for your comments on moving the Saturday 6.00pm Mass from St. Teresa’s to SS. John Fisher and Thomas More. I thank you for all your thoughts and one clear idea that has come out is that people want to have Music at a Mass in each Church.
I am therefore proposing to have Music at the Saturday 6.00pm Mass at Rossington Avenue and music at the 10.00am Mass in St. Teresa’s. The 8.30am Mass at SS. John Fisher and Thomas More and the 12noon at St. Teresa’s will be quiet masses.
It was always a problem trying to get to chat with people after the masses in SS. John Fisher and Thomas More as I had to rush back for the 10.00am and after the 12noon Mass the Romanians were gathering for their service. Angela Hull has generously agreed to organise the Music for the Saturday 6.00pm Mass at Rossington Avenue. So we will need to gather the Choir together for that Mass. Danica will continue to lead the 10am Mass as per pre- lockdown. So, this is a big call out for singers, both established and new to enhance the liturgy at the masses. We will keep you informed about rehearsals and hope to get the changes in place when the Live Streaming is installed.
At the end of June we will hopefully have some form of normal gathering for Masses as well as all social events.