Advent is a time of waiting and a time for preparing to allow Jesus to live in us. The beginning of a new Church Year, the year of Luke, starts this weekend. The mood of the Season of Advent is one of joyful expectation. The Liturgical colour is purple and this denotes that it is a time of reflection and anticipation. So, what is expected of us as Catholics during this season? We celebrate the coming of Christ every year but for many the Christmas preparations overtake any spiritual and reflective preparations.

So we need to take the Season of Advent seriously and reflect on what part Jesus and our Catholic faith motivates our actions and attitudes. If we are parents how do we pass on our faith and beliefs to our children. Do our children experience the love of Jesus Christ in our way of life. Are our homes places of care, forgiveness, joy and love? Would our work colleagues recognise in us persons of integrity, whose work ethic and attitude enhances the working environment? Have our neighbours experienced love and care from us. In other words are we making our world a better place by allowing Christ to work through us? We are to use this season to reflect of our lives and to change those things that need to be changed.

Angeltree: This is an organisation who help a child with a parent in prison to know they’re loved this Christmas. This year it has taken a long time for the requests to come through but, I know that you will be willing to help. You will receive the name of the child, their age, and the present they would like. The present should cost no more that £15, with a separate £5 for post & packing & they need to be returned to us , unwrapped by next weekend. The child will receive a letter or card from the parent in prison with the gift. This, sometimes, is the first time they will have had communication from their parent who is in prison.