Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

This Sunday we have another very sobering parable from the Lord about judgement and accountability. As we come to the end of the Church year, our Gospel readings are parables about preparing to meet the Lord with our stories of how we have lived and loved.
Last week, the parable was about the ten bridesmaids of whom five were prepared for the wedding and five weren’t . This week the Gospel is about the “talents” and what three individuals did with them. Next week, the Gospel is about the separation of the sheep and the goats.
The emphasis in all these parables is not so much about the timing of end of the world. Rather these parables teach us to live in a responsible and faithful manner right now because there is an accounting each one of us will have to give personally to the Lord and the end of our time here. What did we do with our talents? In today’s parable, three individuals are given a different number of talents. Two of them increased what they had. One did nothing with it and was condemned. This parable acknowledges that we are not born equally talented. Yet we often look at other people and see them as more talented that us and either envy them or feel inadequate. A big lesson to learn from this parable is to acknowledge that we have talents and that it our duty to use those talent to build up the Kingdom of God in our world. We each have a responsibility to use whatever talents we have to make our world a better place. The talents we have are gifts. When we use them in the service of the Lord, they become blessings.