This weekend, the last one before we start Lent, we have a Pastoral Letter from the Cardinal. Printed copies of the full letter are in both churches for you to pick up but I thought that it was worth while drawing your attention to his request of you this season.
The Cardinal asks that this Lent, we approach those people that we know and whom haven’t been coming to Mass recently, maybe since the start of the pandemic, & we invite them to come along to Mass with us, recognising that this can be daunting. Perhaps offering a lift, especially to our older generation for whom the past two years have been particularly trying and frightening.
Lent is the traditional and powerful season when we renew our faith. The Lord invites us to come through the doors of the church to stand before him & receive his blessing, his mark of mercy. Why not make sure that more people are aware of this invitation than those who are already here today.
It may well feel an intrusive thing to do, but if you offer with kindness and respect, who knows. If you can give a word of encouragement to one other person, to one other family, then the reward will be great as we journey together towards Easter.

The Lord fills us with his gifts, so that we in turn can offer those gifts to others.