The gift that is the Holy Spirit

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

We need to believe in these difficult times that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in each of us. The Holy Spirit is for every life and for every age a source of renewal. Over and over, people have found their lives in a rut, at a dead end, and as they turn to the Holy Spirit, new avenues open, their vision is restored, they receive the courage for a new start as they are renewed in the Lord. In this time of turmoil and confusion when many are anxious and fearful we can sometimes sink into depression or despair. In many cases we have lost confidence in those who are in charge. We are faced with a monster who seems to be everywhere and we are not sure if it can be controlled or if the steps we are taking are the right way to attack it.

For the world and for the individual soul, during this time of COVID-19 we need to believe that the Holy Spirit is a continuing source of new life and optimism. Pentecost is not just about history. Deep inside us from Baptism and Confirmation is a gift from Jesus, the fulfilment and harvest of Easter. To find God, we don’t have to travel great distances. The Holy Spirit of God is with us; “in our hearts He takes up His rest.” To renew our lives, we don’t have to read many books but we do have to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, the deep down freshness that resides in each of us. The frightened disciples cowering in the Upper Room were transformed when the Holy Spirit descended on them. Their fear went and they gained courage, knowledge and were totally transformed.

So, whatever dark things may be happening in our lives, in the life of the Church and the World we need to remember the Holy Spirit is there with “bright wings” – Christ’s magnificent Easter gift to you, to me and to the world.