Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

The word ‘Lent’ comes from an Old English word for ‘Springtime’ – a season when new life is wrested from the clutch of winter, Lent is the time for revival and renewal – the springtime of the spirit. We have all been through enough Lents to realise that complete transformation probably will not occur. But Lent is an opportunity for repair work in a specific area of our life that might need reconstruction.
Maybe you have doubts about the faith or questions about what we do as a Church. Lent is time to resolve the doubts and get some straight answers.
Maybe you have been carrying personal wounds that have been eating away at you. Lent is a time to find ways to let the healing begin.
Maybe your spiritual life has been stuck in neutral and you want to be able to pray as easily and spontaneously as Jesus did. Lent is a time to start to experience prayer.
Maybe we have noticed that you have become selfish, or inward looking. Lent may be a time when you decide to reach out to someone or some cause and donate your time or money.
This is also the time when many people decide to spring clean their homes, so Lent can be our chance to spring clean our lives – More Prayer, some Fasting and a resolution to give more to either people or causes that are in need.
Happy Lent everyone!!