Almost by instinct we start a New Year by looking back and evaluating what the old year has brought us. For some it has meant illness or death of close friends or relatives. For some it has meant loss of job or other drastic change of circumstances. For some it will have meant the joy of the birth of a new child, the beginning of a new job, or promotion ,the gaining of qualifications. We sometimes judge that it was either a horrible year or a great year, but for most us it is a mixture of both.

The Gospel today which begins the public ministry of Jesus, begins with a wedding and his first miracle. Weddings are always a sign of hope, hope in the future, hope and trust between people, a whole new beginning. Jesus uses this to occasion to let his power be revealed. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of the World, God breaks in in the form of Man and slowly reveals his plan to redeem, to buy back, fallen humanity into his kingdom of love and peace, justice and care.

So, as a parish whose ministry is to bring all things back to God through Jesus Christ, we need to assess our last year and plan for the year ahead. Please join us on Tuesday 12th February 7.30pm in St. Teresa’s Parish Centre. What have we got right, what have we got wrong, what do we need to begin, to change or to ditch?