Plans changing, Uncertain future, Holidays cancelled, Weddings postponed!

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

We are certainly going through strange times at the moment and it is unnerving for many people. For those who already suffer from anxiety or depression their fears and problems can be compounded in this lockdown situation. Children and young people missing their friends and even missing school can make home feel like prison. Workers furloughed and fearful that their jobs may disappear altogether. Schools trying to create a new normal and many parents fearful to send their children back to the classroom. The growing feeling that we really do not know what we are dealing with and are only making guesses at what the way forward should be leaves many of us disorientated.

I find myself trying to be positive and to look for positive things to say and do. When I ring my parishioners I am so comforted by their stories of neighbours keeping in contact, sharing their grocery delivery slots, arranging ‘Socially Distant’ cups of tea, glasses of wine and alfresco dinners. For many it has been an opportunity to really get to know their neighbours. I have heard a myriad of instances where kindness, generosity and just sheer love has shone through.

The Borehamwood Foodbank has seen nearly 300 per cent increase in use and some of the stories have been heart breaking. Families where, in one week, all the adults were left without jobs etc. But the amazing response from our parishioners and the general public has left us with plenty of food to distribute and an amazing bunch of volunteers willing to sort, store, distribute the food and the fuel grants. We have been able to match the need for food deliveries with willing drivers. As followers of Jesus Christ we are missioned to evangelise the world and to do so in a practical way was is correct.