Saints Peter and Paul: Flawed men transformed by Christ

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

Peter, the fisherman, full of bluff and bravado, yet at a very crucial time he denied knowing Jesus. After the resurrection of Jesus he was given the role of leader and became the first Pope and was very effective in converting many of the Jews to become followers of Jesus. At one point he was so discouraged that he was going back to his old way of life as a fisherman. This was when through the actions of a “stranger” they caught a miraculous catch of fish and his belief was strengthened. A sinner, at times a weak man, nevertheless through his faith in Jesus he became, not only, a great leader but and Saint who died for his faith.

Paul, the tent maker and Pharisee, was complicit in the stoning of Stephen, the first Martyr, and then became very keen to eliminate this new Christian group and was in very act of hunting them down when Jesus miraculously intervenes in his life and he becomes the Apostle to the Gentiles and brings Christianity to the known world. A sinner and a killer he becomes a Saint and renowned preacher and letter writer whose epistles are read in our churches to this day.

Both of these paid the ultimate price for their Faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God: Peter was crucified (upside down) and Paul, who was a Roman citizen was beheaded. They are good role models.

(Photo: Lawrence Lew OP)