Exotic Feast of the Epiphany

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

This feast is truly rich, full of symbol and meaning on many levels. Let us do a short exploration on three facets of Epiphany symbolism by considering the Magi as outsiders, faith-seekers, and gift givers.

First of all, they are outsiders in a long line of foreigners who figure dramatically in the bible. We learn from these foreigners that no one is excluded from love of God. The Magi story tells us that there is room for all of us. That’s it. Gay or straight, addicted or free, male or female, faithful and faithless, saint or sinner , all are welcomed to the grace and love found in Jesus.

Second, the Magi are faith seekers. They don’t have all the answers but they don’t give up. Some of us, like the Magi travel in the darkness but, like them, we must move towards the light. The story says that God will break through the darkness. We must live in such hope.

Thirdly, the Magi are gift givers, and it is here we find the essence of Christianity. God gave the gift of himself in the manger – the Word made flesh – and on Calvary. We are asked to follow suit and be gift givers of our time and talent and love – and ourselves. The Magi tell us we are welcome, they show us how to proceed, and they encourage us on our journey. They are gifts to us as Christ was to them as we are to be to others.

May the Christ child they came to seek be your companion on your life’s journey.