Parish of St Joseph’s, Carpenders Park and South Oxhey

Fr Dominic
Parish Priest

I have been asked to take oversight of this parish for the next few months, in addition to the Catholic Parishes of Borehamwood. For medical reasons the priest in charge Fr Stephen Hewitt has had to retire from active ministry. He was a very popular and effective priest and the people, who only found out last weekend, are devastated. I am in negotiation with some other priests to help with the Masses and school services in St. Joseph’s. I will also be relying on Fr Antonio to take on extra duties here in Borehamwood. As you can imagine the Advent and Christmas seasons are very full on and I need to ensure that all the parishes have a full complement of celebrations.

I realise that I will have to spread myself between the parishes and I ask for your understanding if I am not as visible here in Borehamwood as was usual. There is no question of my leaving this parish and I have been assured that this is a temporary measure to cover this busy time and to let things settle down in St Joseph’s. The Diocese are planning to put a priest in to take over from Fr Stephen in the New year. I ask for your prayers for Fr Stephen and for the parishioners in St Joseph’s. I also ask for your prayers as I take on this responsibility. Please be patient and understanding in the next few weeks. Thanking you in advance for your help.