The vocation everyone sees is the obvious part of it. But hidden within it is a deeper purpose that is not always known to us. We cannot choose it. We cannot plan for it. It is encrypted into our life by God. We are here on this place, at this time and with these people for a reason.
The things that occurred in our lives in the past happened for a reason. The prosperity we have known and the sufferings we have endured are for a reason.
It might be that we will speak saving truth to someone, trigger soul-searching events for another, or invite another to Jesus Christ. None of us fully knows the complete purpose of our life here on earth and what use God has yet to make of it. We will know the full impact of our life at the Last Judgement when we will see the full effect of our life here on earth. For now we are called to be faithful. This is an awesome truth on which to reflect in our prayer & meditation.
Like that mysterious suffering servant of the first reading, there is a mission and significance to our lives larger than we can imagine. Our focus is local; God’s purpose for us may be much larger than we think.
Like Sosthenes, our life can move along one path when suddenly a reversal, a tragedy, an eye opener dramatically reveals whole new worlds to us. It tears away our illusions and turns us more deeply toward the Lord. What was at one time an omission in our life, now becomes our mission.
Finally like John the Baptist, we can be called to point the way to Christ for others.
Our lives are surrounded by the mystery of God’s will with a purpose or mission known only to him. When things occur that we don’t expect, that encrypted call maybe the beginning to surface. Within our public vocation is the “call within the call” known only to God. This means that everything, everything that happens to us has moment, mystery and purpose