With Mr. COVID 19 taking the impetus out of many of our activities for the last couple of years and them the difficulties with my health I feel that I need get my act together and kick-start all our programmes and pastoral, and ministerial initiatives. The Reading at Mass this Sunday gave me the push I need to try and sort out what is needed. Jesus has set his sights on Jerusalem, where he knows what awaits him. He is trying to rally his Apostles and disciples but is not sugar coating the mission that they have to contend with. He talks about the cost of being a follower of his and how we have to be single minded in our personal missions. So, in the Catholic Parishes of Borehamwood what will that look like?

We need to bring our Liturgy back to full operation. So, Readers: we will need to have two readers at each weekend Mass to add difference and tone to the proclamation of God’s Word. We will be setting up online application forms for readers and I will set a training morning or afternoon early in Autumn.

We need to recruit and train more Eucharistic Ministers so that we can receive both Body and the Blood of Jesus at Mass. Online forms now available.

We now need to get our Altar servers back to enhance the dignity of our liturgy. We will need to recruit and train many more servers. Any child who has made their First Holy Communion is eligible to serve. Training will be given and I hope to use the older servers as mentors. Again, forms now online.

We also need to offer some religious courses to the adults so that we can grow in understanding of our Faith.

In addition to all this we need to get all our social gatherings and outings up and running. Please consider how you can help