In his commentary on this Gospel Fr. Silvester O’Flynn writes: “I have one special wish for my death-bed. I long to have somebody reading these consoling words of the farewell discourse of Jesus.”
In the light of these words, death will not be a departure but a more complete coming of the fullness of life. In the writings of John, eternal life is not postponed until after death: many times he repeats that that the believer has eternal life. The resurrection of Jesus Christ means that he is alive here and now in the community of the baptised.
What is meant by the Father’s house? Jesus Christ is the house of the father. He is the new temple of divine presence on earth. He is the sacred meeting place with God. In his own words: “I am in the father and the Father is in me.”
Jesus says that there are many rooms in the Father’s house. In one sense it suggests that there is no shortage of places for us all. In another sense it expresses room for a great diversity of people, talents and ministries. In today’s second reading Christians are exhorted to become “living stones making a spiritual house.” The new temple of God’s presence on earth is no longer a temple of lifeless stones. Now God lives and works on earth in the living members of the community of the Lord.
The compassion of god comes to people through hearts that full of tenderness and love. The words of God are heard from mouths that proclaim in his name. The caring acts of God are performed in hands that serve. The eyes of God see through the human eyes of attention and sensitivity.
The wonderful flow of divine energy comes through these living stones which form the sacred house of God’s presence. So, God’s presence comes to life when we are his living stones in our family and community