The Gospel shows us the character of Jesus. As he looks around at the harassed crowd, he feels compassion and pity. He sees a leaderless people, lost and unsure. They need help, so he gives them twelve leaders. And, to those twelve, his instructions are simple. To continue looking after as he had done—cure, exorcise, proclaim the Kingdom. To those who have been given the Faith freely, he expects it to be passed on freely. To all, for all, and to become one in Him.

The great message of our calling is that we need not fear. Everything is in the hands of God. This is the God who rescued his people from slavery through Moses. He has rescued us from the slavery of sin through Jesus. Having been saved we must now go out and save others. We must take the Good News of salvation to the world.

God has given us a deal. If we keep Faith with Him, then we will be a special people. Through us and our descendants the world will be saved. He has put us first; we are asked to put Him first. Jesus did not need to come and save us. He did not have to do it. Is there anyone who is worth saving? Has there ever been anyone worth saving?

Yet, God loves us so much that, despite our behaviour, he still sent Jesus to bring Salvation. If God has done that for us worthless people, then we should celebrate our good fortune. We have done nothing to deserve such treatment. What a free and undeserved gift we have been given! We should be able to believe our good fortune. What joy should we show! To such a father we should place all our trust in him absolutely. We cannot thank him enough. All we can do is to respond to His call. We have been made a consecrated people. We are his. Let us try to become a little more worthy of that love.