We can indeed rejoice that this Easter our churches are once again open for Mass and that we can gather together as a community around the altar of the Lord. Last year our churches were closed and little did we know the challenges that we were yet to face with the pandemic, then in its early stages. This Easter, with the vaccination programme rolling out steadily, we can all hope for an easing of many of the restrictions which have been necessary and pray that the impact of covid continues to lessen. The followers of Jesus were frightened when they saw him arrested and must have been devastated when they saw him die on the cross. Then there was the confusion of the empty tomb. Their whole world was turned upside down when, as promised, Jesus appeared to them, risen from the dead. We rejoice today in Jesus’ victory over sin and death. We rejoice in the promise that just as we will all at some point share in a death like his, so too will we share in his resurrection. For many of us covid will be the defining experience of our generation. But for all generations, the resurrection of Jesus is the true turning point: the world would never be the same again, death would never again be the end. “This is the alpha and the omega. This is the beginning and the end – an indescribable beginning and an incomprehensible end. This is the Christ. This is the king. This is Jesus. This is the Lord. This is the one who rose up from the dead. This is the one who sits at the right hand of the Father.” (Bishop Melito of Sardis). As the days lengthen, bringing light and new life to the earth, may the joy and hope of Easter find a place in our hearts, enabling us to spread Jesus’ gospel of love in our families and communities.
The parish team wish you all a Happy and Blessed Easter. Alleluia !