On Tuesday, the 26th day of March, 2024, Cardinal Vincent Nichols referred to the laudable presence of a large number of priests, religious men and women, as well as the lay faithful who came to participate at Chrism Mass as signs of the “Green shoots of faith”. “If you wish to experience the presence of the risen Christ in our broken world, come to the Chrism Mass”, was the Cardinal’s apt response to an inquirer sometime before the ceremony.

The solemnity of the occasion, wherein the holy oils for baptism, the anointing of the sick and chrism were blessed, coupled with a near perfect rendition of liturgical songs led by the famous Westminster Cathedral Choir reminded everyone of what the risen Christ is still doing in His Church in spite of the many foibles we see and experience. Such events and all the wonderful and mysterious events of this period of grace should reinforce our mindsets for heaven (Colossians 3:3).

The right mindset will ensure that the Green shoots of Faith persist even in the midst of a broken world, since we, as the Easter people and the children of the resurrection remain focused on the risen Christ. We remain unfazed and undeterred by the negativities of life, since with the risen Christ as our noble leader, we shall keep finding meaning and reason to persevere in life enhancing actions as we make our way to our heavenly home!

As we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ once again this year, I pray for a renewed appreciation of what the Lord is still doing in our lives and especially those of the members of our parish as we strive to allow His presence to continue to manifest through us as agents of recovery and signs of hope to a broken world. Happy Easter !