One of the most famous tests in the Bible is the one that Abraham faced. Abraham was a very good man, a man of faith. He was well prepared by his strong faith and trust in God to face the test to which he was put. When God called to Abraham, he responded ready and willing, “Here I am!” Then came the test, one chance to get it right or wrong. God asked Abraham to sacrifice the life of his only son. After Abraham had demonstrated his willingness to give all to God, God interrupts the action and Isaac’s life is spared

Did God need that test? Probably not. After all, God knows everything. It was Abraham who learned from that test. He learned how truly strong his faith was and, in the process, we who ponder at this event can come to admire, and, hopefully, imitate Abraham’s faith. So, it is through different events in life, our faith is tested. How we respond, demonstrates, to us, the strength of our faith and in the process it can become stronger. It works. The more I trust God the more and better I become at trusting God.

In taking Peter, James and John up the mountain to witness his Transfiguration, Jesus was preparing them for their tests. Jesus let them see a glimpse of the future that awaits. What they saw was so extraordinary and overwhelming they wanted to remain. They had yet to endure the test of Jesus’s own death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead. So, they did and so will we. Jesus’s Transfiguration was not only for their benefit, but for ours, too. Jesus want us to be as well prepared as Abraham, Peter, James and John. Are you working on it?