All the baptised share in some manner the priesthood of Jesus Christ. They exercise this at Mass by joining with Jesus, in the person of the ordained priest, offering sacrifice to the Father. They may also serve in varrious liturgical ministries that they are able to exercise because of their baptismal union with Jesus Christ the High Priest. These ministries include: Altar Server, Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Communion, and Music Ministry.

Altar servers serve an important role in the Mass. Fulfilling a sacred function at the altar, and in other aspects of the liturgy, they have the privilege to be close to the action of the Mass and to assist the priest and deacon in their duties as Jesus becomes present to us in the Eucharist.


As server must have been baptised and recieved first communion. There is no upper age limit. Training is provided and you will be assisted by a more experienced server as you learn. Servers are scheduled to serve at various Masses, and may be called upon to exercise their ministry at special Masses and Feasts.

We welcome more adults to serve Funeral Masses and early daily Mass.

Secondary and college students are very welcome to join the ranks of altar servers and they may be asked to take on roles of leadership among other servers if they are so inclined.

The Guild of St Stephen

Our altar servers have the opportunity of joining the Guild of St Stephen, an international and Vatican-approved association of altar servers. For more information visit our page on the Guild of St Stephen.


To get more information or to schedule training to assume this ministry please contact Fr Antonio or complete the Altar Server Application Form.

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