This week has seen us return to so called Ordinary time; we leave behind the white vestments of Christmas and turn to green. Ordinary comes from the latin word ordinalis meaning numbered; we are not suggesting that this is a time where the Church settles into a somewhat drab phase compared to the joys of Christmas, but rather that we will now number our weeks until the beginning of Lent. We might think of the green liturgical colour inviting us to spiritual growth as we have the opportunity to walk with Jesus as we listen to the accounts of his earthly ministry in our readings at Mass. We started with his baptism last week and this weekend hear the account of Jesus’ calling of the disciples. He asked them, as he asks each one of us, “What do you want ?” and invited them to come and spend some time with him.
Ironically, we are living in times which are extraordinary: more than ever do we appreciate the reassuring rhythm of the Church’s constant offering of prayer to God.
This Sunday is Peace Day. Pope Francis’ message for this day is ‘ A culture of care as a path for peace’. A reminder of those many medical staff, carers, scientists and volunteers who have put themselves at the service of others – often at great risk to their own health. Sadly alongside these examples of love and caring, the world continues to be scarred by discord between and within countries, by racism and xenophobia, by violent words and actions.
The Pope calls for us all to work together towards a new horizon of love and peace, of fraternity and solidarity, of mutual support and acceptance. He asks us to strive daily, in concrete and practical ways, to form a community composed of brothers and sisters who accept and care for one another.