The Jesuits have produced two short prayer guides for healthcare workers: one for preparation before a shift and another as an Examen, a reflective prayer to look back at the end of a day or shift.

These prayer guides were written by Fr Paul O’Reilly SJ (pictured above), a British Jesuit who is also doctor caring for homeless people in London. Fr O’Reilly combined his experiences of both medical life and Ignatian spirituality to produce a short burst of prayer and reflection for those working in the health care system.

Paul O’Reilly SJ said:

I created these prayer guides simply based on the way I pray as I go to and from my work as a GP for homeless people in Central London. I am blessed with a one-hour cycle ride each way via a beautiful parkland route that is particularly quiet and pleasant during the lockdown and it is then that I feel I pray my best. But what I offer here is not any form of guidance, consensus statement, established protocol, expert advice or, least of all, an example of good practice. It is simply how I pray as I go to and from the work I offer to the Lord. It helps me and I shall be delighted if it helps you.

Prayer for preparation for your shift

Examen prayer for after your shift