We are delighted with the number of people who are able to join and celebrate Mass with us via live streaming. On average, we have 350 viewers for the weekday Masses; Saturday’s Vigil brings in around 430; and Sunday’s views are around the 1150 mark. When you think that there may be more than one person viewing the screen at the same time in the home, the figures are amazing!

We have people viewing from around the world, around the UK as well as locally. We would like to welcome all of you to our parish and thank you all for the kind messages and emails that you have been sending to us. We love hearing about how you watch the services, and how much you enjoy Fr Dominic’s singing. He is practising for the X-Factor next.

We would love as many as possible to use this service, so don’t forget that it is Father’s Day next month and if the whole family is looking for a present to get Dad, how about getting him an iPad and set it up to be enable him to watch the streaming?