This year’s Confirmation candidates did Borehamwood proud as they hosted a very successful Rich Man Poor Man meal which raised approximately £2000 which will pay for school uniforms for children in Addo, South Africa. The annual meal took place in St Teresa’s Parish Centre on Saturday, 7 March 2020. It was organised entirely by the Confirmation candidates, from the promotion of the event to the cooking of the food under the supervision of Fr Dominic, Sasha and the Confirmation catechists. Around 100 guests attended but, as was tradition, only ten were privileged to be chosen as the “Rich Men” through a ballot. The lucky ten were served with a five-course meal while the rest had to make do with bread and soup – though everyone agreed that the soup was delicious! The Borehamwood Community Choir provided wonderful musical entertainment and there was also an informative and inspirational presentation on life in Addo by Fr Shaun Lennard, parish priest of Potters Bar. A raffle draw completed the evening.