With the pandemic causing the closures of churches for several months, the suspension of the Sunday obligation still in force and Fr Dominic’s long-term confinement in hospital, the signing of the Certificates of Catholic Practice (CCP) will be very different this year.

Fr Antonio will sign the CCPs on Fr Dominic’s behalf. You will not be required to see him in person. Instead, please follow the following procedures:

  1. Download and print the Certificate of Catholic Practice
  2. Fill in the required information and then send the completed cetficate to Fr Antonio, with a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate.
  3. Fr Antonio may not sign the certificate if the baptismal certificate is missing. If you have lost your child’s baptismal certificate:
    • If your child was baptised at St Teresa’s, we will have a record of it and we can issue a replacement baptismal certificate.
    • If your child was baptised somewhere else, you will need to acquire a copy from that parish.
  4. Once Fr Antonio has signed the certificate, he will contact you so that you may collect it from the parish office.

Note: Fr Antonio will be going away on holiday on 9 October 2020 and so it is important that he has the CCPs to sign at least three days before that.