Hospital update

I am getting ready to enter my eighteenth day in Cedar Ward in Barnet Hospital.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I came in with pancreatitis and have had had many tests, giving a couple of gallons of blood and the internal pain has lessened but, sadly, my feet have had an episode of gout and I can only get around a short distance on a Zimmer frame.

As part of my medical plan, I went to The Royal Free for an ERCP. I WAS NEARLY EXCITED, but then realised I went from the ambulance to the theatre and then, after a long wait, to the ambulance and then onto the ward again. Actually, it was quite nice as the ambulance crew were great company.

The procedure, ERCP, was meant to find and remove a stone from the duct but they only reported ‘sludge’. They did not indicate if they removed it or not. This has left the surgical team here at a bit of a loss. They have now ordered another MRI scan and have had to monitor all the waste material from my body. Because of the severity of the infection in the pancreas and the attendant flare up in the liver they believe some permanent damage has been done to the pancreas. They are not unduly worried about that but checking very carefully what is going on.

Last Wednesday evening I was moved to a side ward as they needed my space for a disturbed patient. What a blessing, I was only having a couple of hours sleep in the ward but in the side room I slept for nearly two full days. The next stage is now in doubt but I hope that the team will decide a way forward tomorrow.

I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. You are also in my prayers.

Goodbye: Fr Antonio

Just before my hospitalisation we learnt that Fr Antonio was moving to Bishops Stortford. It is am amalgamation of three parishes and Fr Peter Harris is the Parish Priest. It will be a great chance to experience a new area and with a touch of rural Hertfordshire. I am sure that we all wish him luck in this new adventure.

Welcome: Fr John Warnaby

Before all the moves were announced I was told that I would continue as Parish Priest of Carpenders Park as well as Borehamwood. I have been given an Assistant Priest. He will reside in the Presbytery in Carpenders Park for the majority of the time. It may be that we each spend a week a month in the other presbytery. We need to get together to plan all the aspects of running all the programmes, etc. in both places. It will be a challenge but an exciting one I hope.

Hi name Is Fr John Warnaby and he has been ordained three years. He is a late vocation and is 60 years old. I know that both parishes will welcome him with open arms.

Thank you, Fr Antonio

I need to really thank Fr Antonio for taking the situation as it was handed to him and running with it. Please be aware how much more work this is for him and give him all the help he needs.

I will stop now as my pasta carbonara is cooling slightly. God bless and take care of yourselves and stay safe

Fr Dominic
Sunday evening 13th September at 5.00pm.