Did you know that yesterday (30 May 2019) was the feast of the Ascension of our Lord and that it was a Holy Day of Obligation?

A Holy Day of Obligation is a special date in the liturgical calendar that is so solemn and important that the Church makes it a requirement for all its members to attend Mass that day. Because Holy Days of Obligation often fall on weekdays when most people are working, we celebrate two extra Masses to make it easier for everyone to fulfill their obligation.

The Mass Times page now includes a list of Holy Days of Obligation in England and Wales with the normal times for the three Masses that are celebrated during such days.

We have also started expanding the Sacraments section which is arguably the most important part of the website. There is now more information on each sacrament plus videos which explain in plain language what the sacraments mean and how you can receive them. Additionally, there is now a page on the sacrament of Holy Orders which makes the section more complete!

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