Prompted by the coronavirus crisis and the suspension of all public Masses, we have made some changes and additions to the website which we hope will enhance its usability and usefulness. The following are the main additions and/or changes:

A new “Coronavirus” menu has been added to the main navigation. It is the second menu after Home. The menu can be accessed from wherever you are on the website. The coronavirus page has updates and recommended resources which we hope will aid you in your spiritual lives during this difficult time, such as prayers and web articles. This page will be updated regularly as we get new information from the diocese and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. So please keep checking.

The Mass Times menu has been expanded so that you can participate more fully when you watch Mass online. There are now three additional items in the menu. These are:

  • a Liturgical Calendar for the Diocese of Westminster
  • the Order of Mass in PDF format as produced by the the Liturgy Office
  • a link to daily Mass Readings (on the Universalis website)

Under the Resources menu, we have added a page listing live streaming of Masses all over the diocese. This page has quickly become one of the most popular pages on the website.

The link to the Newsletters page has been moved from the Resources to the News menu.

There are many additions aside from these which we hope you will enjoy discovering. Rest assured that we will continue to work on the website to make it your online spiritual destination.

Do get in touch to tell us what you think or if you would like to make suggestions.